10 Top Tips for IT Pros Working From Home

IT professionals are facing a tough situation because of the coronavirus. Not only are most of their users now working remotely, but much of the infrastructure those users rely on is either in the cloud managed by third parties or trapped back in the office, a place you’re no longer supposed to visit. At no time in IT’s history have networks and IT resources been more distributed, and that’s making things a lot more difficult for IT pros who are also trapped at home.

Whether you’re an enterprise or a small to midsized business (SMB), your users are likely accessing their tools via cloud services managed by third-parties, virtual infrastructure also residing in the cloud but managed by you, and odds and ends of legacy equipment that’s still living at the office. Worse, some of those users are probably starting to use infrastructure living on their home networks to complete tasks or store their work, and that’s stuff you can’t even see. That’s a lot to tie together securely with today’s remote access tools, and it’s also a difficult load to manage if you’re running the business’ help desk. If you’re facing all or part of these challenges, here are 10 tips to help. 

A virtual private network (VPN) connection may be secure against an external attack between a user’s home and your corporate network, but unless both networks are also secure, you have holes. If someone can log into a home user’s network, they may be able to use the VPN connection to attack the corporate network as well, especially if the user is leaving that connection up while they’re not actually working. Not only that, but once on the corporate network, a sophisticated attacker could also access all the other home networks connected to your central office system.

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