7 Unique Ways to Enhance Windows 10 With Microsoft PowerToys

Microsoft launched the initial version of PowerToys for Windows 95 to give power users improved productivity and customization features. It returned for Windows XP but wasn’t seen again until 2019, when the newest flavor of PowerToys was made available for Windows 10. 

Filled with an array of utilities, PowerToys is designed to enhance and improve Windows 10 in very specific and useful ways. Fancy Zones creates layouts to help you better position windows for multitasking. The File Explorer Preview lets you preview more advanced types of files. Image Resizer can modify the size and resolution of images. 

A Keyboard Manager remaps certain keys and the PowerRename toy renames multiple files in one shot. The PowerToys Run tool helps you find specific programs and files, and a Shortcut Guide shows you a list of all the available Win key shortcuts. Let’s check out each toy to see how they can ease and expand your use of Windows 10.

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