Activision Pulls Cute But Stolen Call Of Duty Skin, Apologizes For ‘Misstep’

Call of Duty, the first-person shooter once based on historical events, is pulling a very ahistorical skin after a concept artist accused the game’s publisher of plagiarizing a design of theirs. Hilarious and cute, the new skin featured an anthropomorphized samoyed doggo, armed and ready to murder everyone. Named “Loyal Samoyed,” the skin is now gone and all references in-game and on the company’s site have dematerialized.

A couple of weeks ago, Activision announced some new skins in a patch update for Call Of Duty: Warzone’s fourth season, “Mercenaries of Fortune.” But a skin for operator Kim Tae Young featuring a very adorable hound and packaged in the “Floof Fury” (how did they not name it furry?) skin bundle looked a bit too familiar to artist Sail Lin. Taking to Twitter and ArtStation, Lin accused the publisher of plagiarism and expressed disappointment, as they themselves play the shooter regularly.

At the time, Lin told Kotaku that they hadn’t been in contact with the publisher and weren’t aware of the skin prior to its reveal. Kotaku has reached out to Sail Lin and Activision for further comment.

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