Actraiser Renaissance Review: The Best Version Of A Classic

With unique gameplay and a wonderful aesthetic, Actraiser Renaissance is the best way to experience an oft forgotten classic of the SNES era.

Actraiser, Soul Blaser, Actraiser 2, Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma were all released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in the first five years of developer Quintet’s lifespan and are still considered some must-plays for the console. Almost exactly 30 years after its original North American release, Actraiser has received a modern console remaster. Actraiser Renaissance was developed and published by Square Enix and aims to both recreate and update the original’s gameplay and visuals.

The story of Actraiser begins millennia after the end of the world. Tanzra, a demon bent only on absolute destruction, managed to defeat the Lord of Light and forced him to retreat to his Sky Palace to slowly recover his strength. This opening left the whole of humanity completely unprepared, and they were systematically brought to the brink of extinction by the monsters that Tenzra brought forth. The game starts with the Lord using a mortal avatar in the form of a living statue and an angelic assistant, beginning to create a foothold for humans to start to thrive once more while their worship allows him to assist them with beating back the darkness little by little.

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