Andrew Lincoln's Favorite Episode Of The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln led The Walking Dead for nine seasons as Rick Grimes, but his personal favorite episode goes right back to the show’s roots.

Andrew Lincoln’s favorite episode The Walking Dead will likely be a choice shared by fans of the long-running horror show. Creator Robert Kirkman conceived of the comic as the zombie movie that never ended, and one that would track its survivors as they struggled to adjust to a post-apocalyptic wasteland where the other humans could be as dangerous as the undead. Of course, The Walking Dead comic did come to a surprise end with issue 193 in 2019, though the TV incarnations are still going strong.

The Walking Dead arrived on AMC back in 2010 and was developed by Frank Darabont. The show cast Andrew Lincoln as protagonist Rick Grimes, a police officer who awakens from a coma to find the world has descended into hell following the sudden spread of a zombie plague. While the series somewhat toned down the nastier edges of the graphic novel, it became infamous for its use of gore and the surprise deaths of fan favorites. It quickly became a ratings smash too, and the main series is set to finish with season 11.

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