Artist Gives Us A Peek Inside Animal Crossing’s Resident Loan Shark

Having trouble paying back Tom Nook’s loans in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? I find it helps to imagine the person you owe bells to without clothes. Or skin. Kinda like resin artist Scott Wilkowski has done with his “Nookowski” series of see-through figures (via ToysREvil).

Scott Wilkowski makes amazing things with resin. Bulbasaur skeletons. Big-headed kitten skeletons. Pikachu skeletons. Okay, he’s kinda got a theme going, but when it works, it works. Double-casting clear resin over opaque, Wilkowski creates the illusion of bones and internal organs suspended in colored goo, which is what we are, really. Certainly it’s what Tom Nook is.

Wilkowski is selling this transparent trio on his website for $65 apiece plus shipping. Each 2.75″ figure comes on a random color base. Since the pieces are hand cast and the resin hand-mixed, colors and designs may vary, which also means each piece is unique.

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