‘Batgirl,’ and 12 Other Nearly Finished Movies That Will Probably Never Come Out

For every blockbuster that makes it to your local giga-plex, there are probably a half million screenplays that were never produced and a hundred thousand partially shot-but-not-completed features gathering dust in apartments in Los Angeles and New York. Those tokens of broken dreams are sad, but the saddest Hollywood stories are the movies that almost made it but stumbled at the last hurdle—completely finished films that (at least some) people want to see, but that will probably never be shown at movie theaters or even on streaming services. Here are 13 unlucky movies that are ready-to-watch, but that you’ll probably never see.

On Tuesday, Warner Bros. announced that it doesn’t plan to release Batgirl, in spite of having spent an estimated $100 million dollars on the superhero flick. According to some industry insiders, the film is being dropped as a tax write-off. Other sources report that the movie was so poorly received by early test audiences that the WB decided to duck out. If that’s true, well, another female-led movie set in DC Comics’ bat-verse and released by Warner Bros., 2004’s Catwoman, was released widely, so I can only imagine how terrible Batgirl is. I’d love to know for sure. (It’s also a bad look for the studio to shelve a movie headed by a Latina woman and featuring the first onscreen trans character in the DCEU, while still planning a major theatrical push for Flash, starring the guy accused of assault and grooming.)

This slide was revised after publication because Steve forgot about Birds of Prey, a very good movie.

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