Ben Reilly Returns As Spider-Man (And Peter Parker Has Some Questions)

In a new preview for Amazing Spider-Man #75, a new era begins that sees Ben Reilly as Spider-Man – much to the confusion of Peter Parker.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Amazing Spider-Man #75

In a new preview for Marvel Comics’ Amazing Spider-Man, a new era has begun that sees Ben Reilly returning as the Wall-Crawler, though it looks as though the original Spider-Man will have some questions. Seemingly caught off guard by his clone, Ben’s return has come as a complete surprise to Peter Parker, who’s still struggling in the aftermath of his final battle with Kindred. It seems as though the two Spider-Men will be working together before Ben Reilly completely takes over, as has been teased with this new Spider-Man Beyond era.

In the aftermath of Spider-Man’s climactic battle with Kindred in the conclusion of Nick Spencer’s three-year run on the title, Harry Osborn is now dead. Despite being recently revealed as a clone of the original Harry, he gave his life to save his father Norman from Kindred. Furthermore, Spider-Man’s demonic foe was revealed to be corrupted clones of Harry and Gwen Stacy working in tandem, believing themselves to be the children of Norman and Gwen after their affair in Sins Past (one of Spider-Man’s most despised plot twists). In actuality, the clones had been servants of the devil Mephisto who unleashed them to torment Spider-Man before their ultimate defeat at the end of Spencer’s final issue.

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