Big-Headed Bloodborne Action Figure Is A Bitty Badass

Most video game characters who receive Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid treatment, giving them tiny bodies and massive heads, end up looking somewhat adorable. Turns out if you make the Bloodborne Hunter’s head larger, it just makes his ragged tricorn hat that much more imposing.

The secret to the Nendoroid Hunter’s suave success is that the folks at Good Smile resisted the urge to give him an unmasked face. Many figures in the line come with multiple expressions achieved through swappable faceplates. The Hunter’s got his face mask, and that’s it.

Well, he’s also got his trusty pistol and his Saw Cleaver, which still manages to look pretty damn imposing despite being wielded by a toy that’s only four inches tall. Oh, and he’s got a checkpoint as well, in case one needs that sort of thing.

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