Day Of The Dead Poster Reveals Show's Hidden Themes

Syfy’s upcoming Day Of The Dead TV series releases a new poster that reveals a hidden theme of the show, ahead of its upcoming debut on October 15.

A new poster has been revealed for the upcoming Day Of The Dead television series. The show is based on George A. Romero’s classic 1985 horror movie about a zombie apocalypse. The TV reimagining was announced in February of 2020 and is set to premiere on October 15 on Syfy. The show is connected to the original film, but follows new characters during the first day of a zombie invasion.

In anticipation of the series premiere, Syfy has released a new poster for the show that combines environmental anxiety with an undead threat. The image revolves around a “zombie sun” with rays that alternately appear as images from a zombie invasion and an environmental collapse. The illustrated poster was made by “Ghoulish” Gary Pullin, a friend of the show’s director Steven Kostanski, who says he approves of the first few episodes of the season. Check out his comments and the poster below:

“The creative team at SYFY asked that some of their political themes were incorporated into the piece and they wanted the image to be bright, bold and have a sense of humour so we came up with the “zombie sun” concept. The rays gave me the opportunity to hide tons of easter eggs from the series.”

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