Demon’s Souls: The Kotaku Review

Demon’s Souls, released last Thursday for the PlayStation 5, is a monumental achievement for developer Bluepoint Games. While the From Software original on PlayStation 3 was already considered one of the best games of all time, Bluepoint’s acted like a tumbler, sanding away the 2009 cult classic’s rough edges and leaving behind a beautiful, next-generation gem.

My impressions of the Demon’s Souls remake haven’t changed much from last week. It’s basically the Demon’s Souls you remember from the PlayStation 3, with an added emphasis on graphical fidelity and quality-of-life improvements. Demon’s Souls on PlayStation 5 is one of the most impressive games to come out of a console launch in recent memory, both for the way Bluepoint respected the foundational gameplay that has since spawned an entire genre of Souls-likes and how the studio has managed to spruce up the original’s iconic aesthetics with only a few notable missteps.

The story’s the same as before. Demon’s Souls is set in Boletaria, a medieval kingdom where a foolish king, seeking prosperity, made an ill-fated pact with a long-slumbering demon. An impenetrable fog soon cut off Boletaria from the outside world, and a glut of demons drove its inhabitants insane. Despite the attempts of many would-be heroes to free the kingdom from the malignant fog, Boletaria is now a crumbling shade of its former self. It’s during this time of chaos that the player character, known simply as the Slayer of Demons, finds themselves trapped in the Nexus, a world between life and death, until they consume enough powerful souls to lull the source of both the fog and the demons back to sleep.

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