Digimon Survive Is A Painfully Boring Tactical RPG

Digimon Survive, the new video game made in celebration of the anime’s 25th anniversary, attempts to juggle being both a visual novel and a tactical role-playing game. The result is a slog of a game that’s 70 percent visual novel, 20 percent tactical role-playing game, and 10 percent horror; totalling out as a 100 percent waste of my time.

Digimon Survive, developed by Hyde and Witchcraft, follows a gaggle of teenagers on a school camping trip who are unceremoniously transported to a mysterious world where fantastical anthropomorphic creatures called Digimon run amok. If you’re thinking that concept sounds eerily similar to Pokémon, you’d be right. Digimon is to Pokémon what DreamWorks Pictures animated film Antz is to Disney’s Bug’s Life with the exception that most Digimon can speak. While nefarious Digimon in this new realm wish to use the kids for a ritualistic sacrifice, a small group of kind Digimon make it their life’s mission to get them back home safe.

Digimon Survive tries to fuse the visual novel style of dialogue choices with battle-related social links a la Persona, but it’s not very good at either of those things.

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