Doctor Strange's Shocking New Replacement Revealed By Marvel

In The Death of Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme was shockingly killed. Now, a familiar face has stepped up in his absence.

Warning! Spoilers for the Death of Doctor Strange #1 by Marvel Comics below

The Sorcerer Supreme is dead, and Doctor Strange’s new replacement is… Doctor Strange? Yes, a past version of the Master of Mystic Arts has come to the main timeline following the demise of the current Doctor Strange. But, the question remains: is this version of the longtime Avenger here to stay? Or will someone else become the Sorcerer Supreme later in the comics?

In Marvel’s main continuity, Doctor Strange has just been killed following an encounter with an unknown opponent. In the six-issue miniseries, The Death of Doctor Strange, Stephen Strange was met at the door of Sanctum Santorum by someone who ended up stabbing a knife through his heart. His death sent shockwaves through the Marvel Universe, as it meant Earth wasn’t as protected as it previously was the magic barrier surrounding the planet disappeared, leading from threats across the Multiverse to attacking. Meanwhile, the Avengers are expected to take on those evil-doers who emerged following Doctor Strange’s death.

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