Doom Patrol: Who Are The Sisterhood of Dada (Comics Origin & History)

Doom Patrol season 3 has shown that Laura De Mille/Madame Rouge was part of the Sisterhood of Dada. Here’s who the group are in the comics.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Doom Patrol episode 4.

In Doom Patrol season 3 episode 4, “Undead Patrol,” the show gave the first confirmation of the Sisterhood of Dada, a group that has a complex origin and history in the comics. The name of the group had previously been teased, along with the Brotherhood of Evil, in the Doom Patrol season 3 trailer. However, this was the first use of the name in the show and the episode also named one of their key members from the comics.

Michelle Gomez’s character was announced before the show aired as Madame Rouge, an important member of the Brotherhood of Evil who led to the group’s downfall as well as the deaths of the original Doom Patrol. In the series itself, the character has amnesia and has only just remembered her name. She discovered an old film in Doom Manor that showed two members of the Sisterhood of Dada, Shelley Byron and herself, providing her with her real name: Laura De Mille.

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