Edward Scissorhands’ House Turned Into A Museum

Some fans who purchased the house featured in Tim Burton’s ’80s classic Edward Scissorhands have now transformed the building into a makeshift museum dedicated to the film, featuring merch, posters, props, and oddities tied to the production. Since the Klops family bought the Boggs house about a year ago, they have repainted and redecorated it to more closely resembled its onscreen appearance, and gathered together their collection, in part through donations from neighbors who lived in the area when the movie was in production. And, yes, “museum” might seem like a strong way of saying it…but considering they are offering actual tours of the house to other fans, it seems pretty appropriate.

Joey Klops and his wife have named the Tampa home “Scissorland.” The pair shared some photos and insights with TMZ, who posted them today.

Among the goodies the Klops have on display is a license plate that neighborhood residents had to have on their cars so that they could get into the neighborhood while the film was in production. That, obviously, makes it one of the rarest collectables imaginable. They also had an actual pair of the scissors from the movie, and apparently a pack of Johnny Depp’s abandoned cigarettes, which…okay. It’s notable, at least, in that Klops says Depp was the only actor Burton allowed to smoke in the house during production, so it’s an odd piece of movie trivia brought to life.

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