Every Sci-Fi Movie Releasing In 2022

2022 includes several superhero movies that are grounded in sci-fi, along with the return of the Transformers. Here’s every sci-fi film releasing.

Here’s every sci-fi movie releasing in 2022. It’s a rewarding time to be a sci-fi fan; Star Trek is back on television and (arguably) doing better than ever thanks to Discovery and Picard. Meanwhile, storytellers like Alex Garland continue to churn out original series like Devs and film buffs have the upcoming (smart) sci-fi blockbusters Dune and The Matrix Resurrections to look forward to. On top of all that, 2022 is currently loaded with long-awaited sci-fi projects like the third installment of the Jurassic World trilogy. and what will supposedly be the first of a whopping four followups to James Cameron’s 2009 mega-blockbuster Avatar.

With the release calendar still a bit in flux as the coronavirus pandemic sadly rages on, 2022 is chock-full with sci-fi movies in general – and that number will only grow if anything else proves unable to hit its current date in 2021. Big movies are filling up the 2022 release calendar, and most of them fall under the jurisdiction of the superhero and/or fantasy genres. At the same time, there are also a number of superhero projects coming out which ground their mythology squarely in sci-fi tropes (be it advanced technology, aliens from another planet, or advanced alien technology from another planet).

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