Four Inches Is A Great Size For A Batman Figure

A 12-inch Batman is great for kids or serious collectors, depending on the toy line. Six inches is a good size if you want a nice amount of detail and articulation and don’t want Bruce Wayne to get lost under the couch. But for my money and purposes, the four-inch Batman of Spinmaster’s Bat-Tech line is the perfect anytime, pocket-sized Caped Crusader.

Spinmaster has been making four-inch Batman figures for a little while now. You see them popping up occasionally on shelves at Target or Walmart before the relatively low-priced figures (between $10 and $15 generally) are snapped up by compulsive Batman shoppers like myself.

What’s cool about Spinmaster’s four-inch Batman line, aside from it being the perfect size for sticking in your pocket, is that each package includes a trio of “surprise” accessories. These colorful plastic weapons and tools tap into the tiny collectible stuff trend that continues to dominate toy sections everywhere. You get a cool figure, plus some extra bits to fiddle with.

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