GameStop Sold NFT Games Without ‘Consent,’ Dev Claims

GameStop has once again proven with their NFT shenanigans that an unregulated market built on planet-destroying technology is, and this may shock you, not a terribly great idea. In a thorough report from Ars Technica, the GameStop NFT marketplace is yet again the topic of controversy as an NFT minter on the platform has been caught selling NFT-ified versions of HTML 5 games of which he himself did not make and had no permission, whatsoever, to sell them. Oh, and here’s the fun part, these games will probably live forever on the blockchain now!

GameStop has had a number of struggles in recent years as it has tried to stay competitive and relevant. Its recent experiment has been to try and make waves in the NFT space, launching a marketplace for digital assets while still being awful. The marketplace has not been without controversy, including a recent NFT that featured art similar to an image of a person falling to their death during the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. The latest round of nonsense to come out of the store, however, involves a man named Nathan Ello and his NiFTy Arcade NFTs, which aim to provide some interactive fun to an NFT…but he didn’t seem to stop and ask if he had permission to use games that were developed by other people for this project, much less if he had the right to even make money off of them.

Speaking to Kotaku, Nathan Ello declined to comment on this story.

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