Halloween Kills Will Shock & Agitate Fans, Says Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis says that the upcoming Halloween sequel, Halloween Kills, will “shock” and “agitate” fans when it releases on October 15.

Jamie Lee Curtis has revealed that Halloween Kills will “shock” and “agitate” audiences. The upcoming film is a sequel to 2018’s Halloween, which was a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 original. Halloween Kills sees Curtis return as Laurie Strode to battle with the masked embodiment of evil, Michael Myers, and will hit theaters later this month.

The Halloween franchise kicked off in 1978 under the direction of John Carpenter and has since broken off into multiple different continuities focusing on different characters. However, the recent films under the direction of David Gordon Green have gone back to the source and directly followed up the original, depicting an older Michael Myers returning to Haddonfield 40 years after his initial killing spree, which traumatized Laurie Strode. 2018’s Halloween ended with Laurie trapping Michael in the basement of a burning house to put an end to his rampage, but Halloween Kills will see him escape the fire and continue slashing his way through the citizens of the small Illinois town.

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