How to “Forget” a Wired (or Wireless) Network in Windows 8.1

A funny thing happened after a recent move – after setting up my wireless router in a new apartment, no matter how I tried, I couldn’t change the name of the device’s wired network connection on any of the Windows 8 machines physically attached to it. Puzzling? Very.

This went for weeks and I’d regularly return to trying to fix it, but when the answer isn’t blindingly obvious and every sane attempt to find one doesn’t work, I tend to give up after a while. It’s kind of like New Tomb Raider logic: can’t get past the big bad wolf? Well, screw this game, I’m playing something else. In other words, if the hours fly by and I have no progress to show for it, it’s time to move on, and maybe come back to it later.

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