How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Working from home has its benefits, but it’s not all smooth sailing. Whether you’re trying to keep kids occupied while working full time or wrangle a large team via video chat, one thing we could all use is an assistant. But with a global pandemic, it’s not wise to add a person to your cramped quarters. Enter the socially distant virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants can handle things you don’t have time for or don’t know how to handle. They can work remotely on administrative tasks, handle your social media, and even do the banking bits you hate. You can easily find one through a service, but there are some things to know and gather together before you commit.

The first thing to do is to draw up a list of everything you do and how long it takes. Determine what you can hand off and how much time it would save you. From that list, prioritize each task. You now have the bones of a job description and an estimate for how many hours per week you would need an assistant.

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