How to Make Windows 10’s Alt+Tab App Switcher More Transparent

By default, the Alt+Tab app switcher in Windows is nearly opaque. If you’d like to see a little more of your desktop peeking through, you just have to make a couple light edits to the Windows Registry.

In Windows, when you hold down the Alt key and then press Tab repeatedly, you get a handy app switching window that lets you move through open app windows without resorting to the full screen switcher you get when you use the Windows+Tab combo. By default, the app switching window is pretty dark and nearly opaque. But if you’re willing to make a couple of edits to the Registry—or use our one-click download—you can adjust it to any level of transparency you like. We’ve also shown you lots of built-in ways you can customize Windows 10’s appearance to your liking and we’ve covered a similar Registry-based method for making your Windows taskbar more transparent.

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