How to Share Files and Folders from OneDrive in Windows 10

With OneDrive, it’s easy to share files and folders securely and easily with other people. They won’t need to install any special applications or sign up for a new account. In fact, they can use any web browser to get to the files you share with them. And you have a complete control in your hand—your files will only be shared with the people you choose. In this article, we’ll show you how to share files and folders from your OneDrive, and different permissions you might want to know about before sharing.

In Windows 8.1, OneDrive was integrated into the operating system through an app that you couldn’t uninstall, and settings were easily accessible from PC settings. Through the modern app, users were able to upload their files and folders easily, and even share them without having to use the web interface of OneDrive all the time. OneDrive for Windows 10 brings better integration with the File Explorer. You’re just a click away to share a link of file or folder.

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