How to Spot and Avoid COVID-19 Scams

To stop the spread of the coronavirus, millions of people are staying home, working from home, wearing masks when they go outside, and washing their hands frequently for at least 20 seconds. Unfortunately, those techniques won’t protect you against the scammers that are following in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic. For that, you’ll need different strategies to spot scams and protect yourself before the scammers can attack.

In the US, the federal government has designated significant funds for companies and individuals affected by COVID-19. This links up money and fear; the two primary tools of scammers. 

Because the IRS is handling the dispersal of payments from the CARES act, it’s safe to assume that many scammers will recycle their tried-and-true tax scams. As with tax-season scams (which are now still in season until July), the method of delivery is usually the easiest tell. With rare exception, the federal government communicates with the populace via USPS. You won’t receive a text message, email, phone call, and especially not a social media or WhatsApp message from the IRS asking for money, during tax-filing season or otherwise. 

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