How to Stop Android From Killing Background Apps

Battery life is very important, but some Android phones try a little too hard to stretch it out. You may notice apps running poorly or missing notifications from being killed in the background. We’ll show you how to stop that.

Android manufacturers have a choice. Allow apps to freely run in the background, which may harm battery life, or judiciously kill apps running in the background they think you don’t need. If your phone takes the latter approach, you’ve probably missed notifications from apps being killed. It’s very annoying.

This problem is so well-documented that the website “Don’t Kill My App!” was created by app developers. They were sick of hearing complaints from users about their apps not working correctly when the culprit is the phone’s battery “optimzations.” The site ranks Android manufacturers by how bad they manage this. Samsung is a top offender, while Google is one of the best.

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