How to Tell if You Need a New iPhone Battery

It wasn’t that long ago—December 2017—that Apple admitted it was indeed slowing down iPhones over time on purpose. Ostensibly, this was to make sure you didn’t want to throw your phone against a wall after an OS upgrade because the batteries inside were becoming a real drag on performance and sometimes causing unexpected shutdowns. Apple throttled the battery output to the CPU down on older iPhones so the battery would last a little longer and shutdowns would cease.

The slowdown in performance was discovered when replacing a battery put older iPhones back to full performance. Which would have been a good thing—if the general public had been told about it upfront.

In response to that kerfuffle, Apple offered $29 replacement batteries for select older iPhone models throughout 2018. However, Apple did not stop throttling older iPhones. The difference is, it’ll actually tell you about it now. And by tell, I mean, you can go looking for the info in your iPhone’s battery settings.

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