I Have Backlog Anxiety

We at Kotaku have designated April as Backlog Month, in which we, in light of a looming dearth of new video game releases, turn our attention toward the games that we have wanted to play but missed. But unlike my colleagues, I’m having a problem—I have no idea what to do for Backlog Month, and it’s stressing me the hell out.

For starters, I think I may have a slightly different definition of “backlog” than the rest of my colleagues. To them, a backlog game is any you’ve bought and never played or only partially played. I, however, feel that a backlog is any game, owned or not, that you have at least a little bit of interest in playing. And this is where I get stuck.

I had a different experience growing up as a gamer than many people. For the most part, people had consoles in their homes and could—at any time—pick up a controller and play. Meanwhile, my access to consoles was severely limited. I had handhelds—a Sega Game Gear and a Game Boy Color. But I never owned a console until the PlayStation, so I missed out on many of the games many people consider foundational—the Super Marios, Zeldas, and Final Fantasies from the earliest generations.

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