iiRcade’s Totally Rad, Retro-Style Home Console Plays Hundreds of Games

My 8-year old mercilessly punched, kicked, elbowed, kneed and threw me. And I couldn’t be prouder. I wasn’t pulling any punches, yet she destroyed me in the Player 1 vs. Player 2 battle during the finale of Double Dragon. Although it took me a little by surprise—that based on my years of experience with the game she bested me, rather than the degree to which she delighted in doing so—it was nevertheless a satisfying conclusion to our first day with the bar-top video game console iiRcade sent me to try out.

My daughter had helped me put the iiRcade Classic Bartop together in less than an hour. Assembly wasn’t complicated—just basic Ikea skills for adjoining the wood cabinet—since the major electronics components (controller deck, monitor, speakers) came preassembled. It was deliciously gratifying to turn the iiRcade on and see the opening graphics, knowing we’d just built a video game system with real arcade joysticks and buttons, a 19-inch high definition screen and 100-watt stereo speakers.

The other big part of getting up and running was creating an account with my email on the iiRcade website and then entering the email address I had used during the setup process on the console itself. Once connected to our Wi-Fi network, a firmware update initiated. And then we were ready to start gaming, beginning with the 11 preloaded games that came with the system.

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