Inception 2 Still Needs To Happen (But Not With Nolan And DiCaprio)

An Inception sequel should do without Christopher Nolan directing and Leonardo DiCaprio starring, for a fresh perspective on the dream-sharing idea.

The world of Inception is still full of potential for a sequel, just not with actor Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead or director Christopher Nolan at its helm. Released in 2010, the original Inception is one of the best science fiction movies of the 21st century, having introduced the world to the idea of dream-sharing technology and mind heists. It tells a self-contained thriller story about a single operation in which a group of experts performs an “inception” by planting an idea in a businessman’s head to dissolve his father’s company. However, the world around this single story has so much more to offer.

Inception follows its espionage tale through the very personal narrative of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dom Cobb, who is offered the chance to see his children again by doing this one final shared-dream-heist inception. The movie ends on an ambiguous note: Cobb is reunited with his children, but the audience is left uncertain if he is still dreaming or not. The ending works perfectly for the story, posing the question of whether it matters at all what reality Cobb is in if it feels real to him. To do a straight sequel to Inception following Cobb would ruin this ending, which only works if the audience doesn’t know his fate.

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