JETT: The Far Shore Review – An Enjoyable Exploration Of Space

JETT: The Far Shore is a solid space tale with a fun flight system and interesting world, brought down by an abrupt ending and performance issues.

JETT: The Far Shore is a space-exploration indie project developed and published by Superbrothers, in conjunction with Pine Scented Software. It’s a game that captures the epic grandeur of exploring space with a fun and complex flight system and interesting world-building, but it suffers slightly from an abrupt ending and some performance issues.

JETT: The Far Shore’s narrative revolves around a civilization of people dedicated to finding salvation amongst the stars, by seeking out a mysterious interstellar radio signal known as the hymnwave. Players are thrust into the shoes of Mei, a scout being sent aboard the space-dwelling Mother Structure in search of the hymnwave source. After 1000 years in space, Mei and her fellow scouts are sent to an ocean planet to uncover its secrets and report it back to their people.

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