Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: How Do Stands Work?

Stands are one of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s most iconic elements, but exactly what a Stand is and how one is obtained isn’t always clear.

One of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure‘s most unique and recognizable aspects is the Stand, a manifestation of the user’s soul that fights (and “stands”) alongside them. While Stands were only introduced in part 3, Stardust Crusaders, they quickly became the norm, and all subsequent parts have focused heavily on Stands, Stand Users, and their origins. Stands can be quite complex, however, so it’s good to have a clear idea of just what a Stand entails.

Right from the start, Stands can manifest in a variety of different ways. Jotaro’s Stand, Star Platinum, begins to manifest on its own, causing Jotaro to think he’s being haunted by some sort of demon. Similarly, Jotaro’s mother, Holly, starts manifesting a Stand that seemingly exceeds her body’s capabilities, threatening her life and kickstarting the plot. Stands may manifest at any point in life, and typically reflect the user’s age and size to some degree. One doesn’t even need to be human to manifest a Stand; over time, Orangutans, dogs, birds, rats, cats, a sword, and even certain locations have all been shown to possess Stands.

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