Kinesis’ TKO Is My New Favorite Compact Keyboard

Kinesis Gaming’s new 60 percent keyboard is a lot more than just small and portable. The TKO Tournament keyboard’s got hot-swappable switches, an optional triple-split spacebar, and the ability to tilt up either side for maximum ergonomic comfort. It’s more than I knew I needed in a tiny keyboard.

When I turn to a 60 percent keyboard—a keyboard with a compact layout that’s approximately 60 percent a full-size keyboard—my main concern is generally how much space it takes up. I have limited desk real estate, so the less space taken up by my keyboard is more space I can use for important things like action figures, cans, and random bits of junk.

Kinesis Gaming’s $160 TKO is small. There is no number pad. There are no dedicated F1 – F12 or arrow keys. By default those functions and many more are mapped to a second layer, which users can access using the FN key. As with many more considerate 60 percent keyboards, these sub-functions are printed on the front of the TKO’s double-shot PBT plastic keycaps, which is incredibly helpful for folks getting used to the smaller layout.

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