Lego Masters Is A Magnificent Showcase Of Building Talent

The American version of Lego Masters debuted on Fox last night, pitting 10 teams of creators against the clock, each other, and host Will Arnett’s sense of humor as they attempt to construct elaborate Lego builds. Even the creations that fail are extraordinary.

Lego Masters is like the Great British Bake Off, but players work in teams, have a lot more time to “bake,” and they can’t eat their creations. The show originated in Britain in 2017, followed by an Australian version in 2019. Now it’s come to America, hosted by Will “Lego Batman” Arnett and featuring a diverse assortment of two-person building teams. There’s a father and son, big burly bearded men, a Lego engineer and his dudebro, a pair of cosplayers, two mom-types, and even a team that includes former Kotaku weekend editor Flynn DeMarco. The team’s creations are judged by Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard, prominent members of The Lego Group.

The show works like any other reality show competition. Each week the teams are given some sort of themed building task. The team that does the best is granted a “golden brick,” which can be traded for immunity in a future challenge. The team that does the worst has to go home. At the end of the season, one team is awarded $100,000, a trophy, and the title of “Lego Master.” 

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