Level Up Your Slack Game for Better Meetings

If your team communicates in Slack, it makes sense to schedule and host meetings there, too. Starting a meeting or scheduling one from within Slack is easy and there are several ways to do it, depending on what other apps your team uses. Even when you don’t have access to someone’s calendar, such as when you’re planning meetings with external collaborators, Slack has some elegant solutions. Here are five different ways to make meetings easier and more efficient within Slack.

As many Slack users already know, Slack provides video-calling capabilities. Free Slack users can have one-on-one calls, either video or audio, and paying members can have groups of up to 15 people on a call. 

Slack’s video conferencing tool is great for impromptu meetings, but it’s missing some of the benefits you get from other video conferencing software, such as the ability to record the meeting and generate a transcription of what was said, which Zoom offers. It’s also not the best choice for very large meetings, like town halls. For these scenarios, you may need to turn to other options.

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