Loki's Ultimate Variant Is Taking On The Iron Armored Avengers

The Iron Avengers are about to face one of their most challenging opponents to date, as they take on a powerful Loki variant.

Warning! Spoilers for Avengers: Tech-On #3 by Marvel Comics below

Marvel’s Iron Avengers are about to take on one of the most powerful Loki variants ever, as the Trickster God has received a massive upgrade in abilities thanks to the Infinity Stones. In a brand new preview for Avengers Tech-On #3 by Marvel Comics, the Red Skull unleashes Loki on the powerless (but meched-up) heroes, and it spells nothing but bad news for the Avengers.

Marvel’s Avengers: Tech-On series imagines a world where the Avengers are rendered powerless after Red Skull obtains the last remaining remnants of the destroyed Infinity Stones. Using the Infinity Mirror Shards, Red Skull takes the powers of all of Earth’s Greatest Heroes, which leads Tony Stark to create custom mech-suits to fight back against the villain. Stark truly outdoes himself in the armor, as they not only look cool but replicate the powers each Avenger has lost. After initially fending off the Red Skull in Japan, the longtime Captain America is about to unleash a powerful Loki variant on the superteam.

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