Love On The Spectrum: What Happened To Jimmy & Sharnae After Season 2

On Love on the Spectrum seasons 1 and 2, Jimmy and Sharnae were an affectionate couple. Find out about their lives after the reality series.

Netflix’s inspiring reality dating series Love on the Spectrum has returned for season 2, and fans want to know what couple Jimmy and Sharnae have been up to since the show. Fortunately for fans of their relationship, the popular pair has been going strong since they were introduced to the world on Love on the Spectrum season 1 in 2019. From updates on their marriage to their thoughts on returning for season 3, here’s everything Jimmy and Sharnae have been doing since Love on the Spectrum season 2.

Netflix’s Australian reality show Love on the Spectrum follows a group of hopeful romantics who are on the autism spectrum as they explore the exciting world of dating and relationships. Jimmy and Sharnae became one of the show’s most popular couples, as viewers could see that they had a strong bond. Sharnae and Jimmy met shortly after graduating from high school and clicked instantly. The two proved to be very important to one another, as Sharnae helped Jimmy to realize that he is on the spectrum like she is. While filming season 1, Jimmy proposed to Sharnae, and this is a true highlight of the series. During season 2, Jimmy and Sharnae’s relationship continued to evolve as they traveled to Las Vegas. The couple tied the knot on the latest season, and fans are eager to know what Jimmy and Sharnae are doing now.

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