Meet Snowflake, Marvel's First Non-Binary Superhero

After Thor’s brother Loki brought gender fluidity to Marvel Comics, the first non-binary superhero has arrived – and is causing controversy.

Marvel Comics has revealed the roster for the debut of the New Warriors reboot. But the initial response to the new team was mixed, with praise for introducing Marvel’s first non-binary superhero — but also widespread (understandable) criticism lobbed against the character’s name and appearance.

The new team of the upcoming New Warriors reboot by Daniel Kibblesmith and Lucciano Vecchio is combining old characters with brand new ones, featuring new creations with names like B-Negative, Screentime, and Trailblazer. But there is no question that the character generating the most discussion online following the reveal is actually the team’s new set of twins: Snowflake and Safespace. The psychic twins have differing powers, as Snowflake can generate sharp snowflake-like shurikens, while Safespace can create defensive barriers. Snowflake was even introduced as non-binary; a term used to identify individuals who don’t identify as either male or female. While the inclusion of a non-binary character represents much-needed progress and representation from Marvel… the “Snowflake” moniker, along with the character’s costume, has been criticized. Making Loki genderfluid was a brilliant move, but where that was handled well and with care, Snowflake is facing accusations of unearned satire.

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