My Hero Academia Saved Deku From Darkness (And That's A Bad Thing)

In chapter 327, My Hero Academia essentially erases all of the suffering Deku experiences and inflicts on his friends during the previous story arc.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for My Hero Academia chapter 327!

My Hero Academia just dissipated the darkness that has been overwhelming Deku for so long and somehow resolved both his own pain and the pain he inflicted on others immediately upon his return to U.A. High as though the last chapters never happened. While great for the young student, this is an unfortunate development for the plot made at the expense of innovation, overturning the manga’s most ambitious storyline that challenged the series’ status quo by returning to beleaguered tropes and slapstick humor.

The majority of My Hero Academia transpires at U.A. High. Even though class 1-A participates in rather daring missions that well exceed their own experience and skillsets while taking them off school grounds, it’s always for a short amount of time (especially in comparison to the amount of chapters that take place at the school) and then everything always resets after these excursions conclude. So when the series’ light-hearted tone and overall formula shifted after Deku decided to shoulder the burden as All Might’s successor alone, it was unexpected and exciting for My Hero Academia, mirroring Harry Potter when the eponymous wizard leaves Hogwarts to collect the Horcruxes.

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