My Hero Academia Sheds Light on Stain’s Escape From Prison

My Hero Academia shed new light on Hero Killer Stain’s escape from the Tartarus prison with the newest chapter of Kohei Horikoshi’s original manga series! The Final Act of the manga continues with the newest chapter of the series, and the stage is being set for the next major arc as the heroes are beginning to find out just how much time they really have before the villains make their next move. They have been struggling both physically and emotionally after everything All For One and Tomura Shigaraki have done to Japan, and the heroes are going to need all the help they can get. 

That help’s actually coming from quite the surprising source too as it was revealed in the previous chapter that Hero Killer Stain is likely going to be one of the heroes’ greatest allies. After it was revealed that he was one of the many prisoners that had been freed from Tartarus during All For One’s attack, we have only seen bits and pieces of what the villain had been up to in the month since his escape. After confronting All Might, it’s revealed that he had some important information to relay. Information that he actually focused on obtaining during his initial escape. 

Chapter 328 of the series flashes back to All For One and Shigaraki’s initial attack on Tartarus, and fans are given a better look as to what Stain had been doing during the escape. It’s revealed that he was killing off some of the other escapees, and he quickly puts together that because Tartarus is crumbling that something terrible was happening in the outside world. He then realizes that information is going to be key to getting beyond whatever comes next, and comes across a security guard clutching something important. 

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