Neo: The World Ends With You: The Kotaku Review

When I’m playing Neo: The World Ends With You, I’m smiling. Whether I’m running Rindo Kanade and his pack of teen misfits through the streets of Shibuya battling monstrous living graffiti beasts and picking up the latest fashions, or just rifling through the menus fiddling with equipment loadouts, I’m doing it all with the biggest grin on my face. Neo: TWEWY just makes me happy like that.

For one, I love a game that takes me to Tokyo, even if they always seem to take me to the same couple locations. From Tokyo Mirage Sessions’ own trendy teenage adventure to Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo Olympics, I feel like I know these streets despite never setting foot in them in real life. If I ever make it to Japan I will be very disappointed if its capital isn’t filled with questing adolescents and sporting hedgehogs.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for Rindo and his dumb-but-lovable friend Tosai “Fret” Furesawa, the latest couple of kids to get caught up in the Reaper’s Game, a desperate, desperately hip battle for survival that takes place in an alternate dimension version of Tokyo’s Shibuya region. After picking up a pair of mysterious pins—the decorative kind, not the stabby ones—the pair find themselves unwilling participants in a team-based battle for turf, points, reputation, and possibly their eternal souls.

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