New Dragon Ball Super Cover Art Highlights Gohan’s Adorable Family

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be the story of Gohan and Piccolo, giving Goku and Vegeta a break. With the two Z-Fighters set to fight against the return of the Red Ribbon Army, Son Gohan will once again have to put his dreams of being a scholar to the side and instead focus on being one of the strongest fighters in the universe. New cover art for Dragon Ball Super’s manga has given fans a new take on Gohan’s family, including his wife Videl and daughter Pan.

Not only is Gohan set to take the stage in the film that will be hitting theaters in North America later this month, but his daughter Pan will also play a big role. Like her father, Pan will be seen training with Piccolo, attempting to become a great fighter herself despite the fact that she is only three years old during the events of Super Hero. While she is sure to make some big strides in the power department thanks to her genes, we doubt that she’ll be transforming into a Super Saiyan soon considering her young age.

Twitter User DBS Hype shared the back cover for the latest volume of Dragon Ball Super’s manga, giving us a new look at Gohan and his family during the time period of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in which a few years have passed since the Tournament of Power came to a close:

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