New Manga Return of The Frozen Player Fixes Isekai's Biggest Problems

Return of The Frozen Player takes advantage of the tropes and themes that have made Isekai popular without ever actually being an Isekai.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Return of The Frozen chapter 4!

Return of The Frozen Player is proving that manga can still incorporate some of the most popular tropes from Isekai that fans can’t seem to get enough of without rehashing the same plotlines over and over again.

The Isekai genre and its reincarnation subgenre currently face an existential crisis. All of their stories are essentially identical with a few deviations here and there to keep them from being cold carbon copies of each other. Some of the most overused plots involve your average Joe getting Isekai’d (usually by summoning) into a land of magic, a just person being reincarnated after death as a reward for good behavior (usually for pushing a stranger out of the way of a Mac Truck), or a high-level gamer finding themselves sucked into a game or waking up in a world with RPG stats as a level-one character. But they’re always in luck. Either a system glitch or a benevolent god bestows upon the protagonist a cheat that will allow them to survive or quickly level up into a massively powerful warrior.

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