OnePlus Nord Buds CE Vs. Nord Buds: Differences, Explained

The Nord Buds CE is OnePlus’s new budget pair of earbuds and its cheapest so far. Here is how they are different from the original Nord Buds.

Nord Buds CE, OnePlus’s new wireless earbuds, has been quietly released. So how do these differ from the original Nord Buds? OnePlus uses the CE suffix to denote that the product is a lite edition of an existing one. Short for Core Edition, OnePlus products with this in their names only focus on the core features and lose the premium ones in favor of a lower price tag.

The Nord line is shaping up to be OnePlus’s budget line, and it may soon become an independent brand. With roughly a dozen Nord smartphones, a couple of earbuds, and an upcoming smartwatch, it is only a matter of time before OnePlus announces it is spinning off Nord into a subsidiary.

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