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While most science fiction games ask me what it means to be human, Opus: Echo of Starsong asked me: “Is it enough to be human?” This philosophical space opera is a staggeringly emotional game that deserves a spot among indie narrative greats such as Transistor and What Remains of Edith Finch.

Mechanically, Opus: Echo of Starsong is an interesting mashup of a visual novel, a two-dimensional side-scroller, and a musical puzzle game. It’s also a resource management exploration game in the same genre as Oregon Trail. And yet, when I list these various elements, I feel like I’m underselling the game, because on its own, each element is rather mundane. However, the story integrates these varied gameplay elements so naturally that I often forgot I was playing a puzzle game.

Every element of the game is woven together by a dazzling story about three young adventurers who brave a hostile galaxy to claim caverns of divine petroleum, a highly valuable resource. Jun is a disgraced noble heir who is trying to restore his family’s fortunes. Eda is a witch who desperately seeks something important. Remi is a pilot whose only goal is to keep Eda safe from harm. These characters regularly face off against pirates and a hostile mining corporation while also struggling to find their place in an uncaring galaxy. The game is currently available on Steam for PC and Mac.

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