Putting Together Bandai’s Pokémon Models Is Fast, Fun, And Mildly Horrific

Earlier this month Bandai and Bluefin announced the North American release of Bandai Spirits Hobby’s Pokémon models kits, starting with Pikachu, Eevee, and Mew this spring. Last night I assembled all three. It only took me about an hour, and I was only slightly traumatized by Pikachu’s hollow plastic face.

The PokePla kits are perfect for folks just getting into assembling models. They require no paint and no glue. While I generally recommend a snipper tool to remove the parts from their plastic frame, the pieces for these kits pop off easily and I was able to scrape off any excess plastic with a fingernail. The only tool I would recommend is a pair of tweezers for applying stickers, as they are so tiny. While imported kits can be purchased on Amazon at a premium, the North American releases will only run $10 for Mewtwo and Eevee and $8 for Pikachu.

Each box contains a set of instructions and a plastic bag packed with Pokémon parts. It’s like peeking into a serial killer’s trunk.

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