Resources For D&D Players Trying to Make Fun Character Backstories

A look at some useful online and offline resources that can help Dungeons & Dragons players create interesting characters for RPG campaigns.

Ever have trouble creating fun player characters for a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, or any other RPG campaign? If so, be sure to check out the books, websites, articles, essays, and other resources described below – collections of tools and tips which players of any RPG can use to create multi-faceted characters who grow and contribute to the stories of other members of the party. Needless to say, these resources are also quite useful for Dungeon Masters, novelists, and other creative individuals involved in character-driven storytelling.

There’s a common perception in Dungeons & Dragons and other RPGs that “power-gaming” (making a character with a strong combination of abilities) and “roleplaying” (creating and portraying narratively interesting characters) are mutually exclusive activities. In practice, though, veteran role-players can easily create interesting characters by giving them a backstory which matches the abilities they select on their character sheet. By the same token, a fleshed-out character backstory in D&D can help novice role-players navigate the often complex array of character creation rules, letting them find and pick the classes and abilities they’ll have the most fun with in-game.

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