Scorbunny Is The Build-A-Bear Pokémon I’ve Been Waiting For

After a seemingly endless parade of less palatable Pokémon, Scorbunny’s fluffy white bunny butt has finally shown up at Build-A-Bear. I’m a little mad it took so long, but incredibly pleased with his little jammies, so it balances out.

Despite being a fire Pokémon, Scorbunny is the coolest of the Sword and Shield starters. Grookey is cute and Sobble is sad and sweet, but the blazing bunny corners the market on marvelousness. That’s why it’s no surprise it’s the first Galar region Pokémon to get professionally stuffed by Build-A-Bear.

The Build-A-Bear version of Scorbunny captures the heroic rabbit’s likeness quite nicely, from the tips of his orange footsies to the odd growth on his left ear that might be a tumor, depending on your headcanon.

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