Shows like Gravity Falls to Watch with the Whole Family

They are hearty, hilarious, and packed with adventure for days!

From the thrilling, otherworldly adventures to the lucid moments of comradery and realism, Alex Hirsch’s Gravity Falls has it all. It’s been a whopping five years since it ended, but the Disney show is admittedly still a great watch for both young ’uns and mature audiences alike. The mystery-comedy focuses on tween twins Dipper and Mabel visiting their ‘Grunkle Stan’ in the titular town of Gravity Falls. Going in they expected it to be a typical summer vacation in a cranky old man’s cabin. What they found was an enigma of a town, lifelong friendships, and a few arch-enemies along the way.

Right from the very first episode, it’s evident that this is not your run-of-the-mill kid’s show. The coming-of-age series embraces adult undertones and creates an intricate storyline woven together in a tapestry of awesomeness. Who wouldn’t want to get lost in that reality? Or in this case, find something similar to fill the wonder-twin-shaped hole the show left in our hearts. Of course, there is no exact replica of Gravity Falls, but there are a handful of attention-worthy parallels that fit the bill. With excitement, upbeat humor, and an unconventional, yet awkward, set of protagonists, these shows are sure to give you a taste of all you’ve missed since Gravity Falls aired its final episode.

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