Someone Spent Six Years Remastering An Unreleased Warcraft Game

Years ago, a never-officially-released Warcraft point-and-click adventure game developed by Blizzard in the late ‘90s was leaked online. While the game was completely playable back then, its cutscenes were low-quality, highly compressed, not perfectly synced to the audio, and a few were even just straight up missing from the leak. Now, after years of working on it, someone has remastered all the cutscenes, fixed them up, and made it easier to experience this bit of video game history.

As spotted by Indie Retro News and PC Gamer, modder DerSilver83 recently released the finished 1.0 release of WACRP (Warcraft Adventures Cutscenes Remastered Project). The mod contains 20 completely remastered cutscenes, including two which didn’t actually exist in the initial leak but appeared later on via a different DVD leak.

You can see an example of what this mod and its improved cutscenes look like in the video below:

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