Spotify PokéPlaylist: How To View Your Favorite Artists As Pokémon Cards

PokéPlaylist studies your Spotify listening habits, pulls out your most favorite artists, and turns them into fun and quirky Pokémon cards.

Spotify is a well-rounded audio-streaming service that has a lot of very useful tools and ways to connect an account, such as viewing a user’s most-listened to artists as Pokémon cards. All people need to do is go to the third-party website and log in using their Spotify credentials. Once the user authorizes the website to access their Spotify account data, it’ll scour their listening activity and generate Pokémon cards out of their favorite music acts to create the ultimate PokéPlaylist.

There are lots of other similar websites that use Spotify streaming metrics and turn them into fun and quirky art projects. Spotify Palette creates a color mood board of sorts and provides an explanation of how the hues generated can represent the user’s music sensibilities. There’s another one that turns an individual’s listening activity on Spotify into an iceberg made up of the user’s top music artists’ popularity statistics on the app.

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